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Scientific Topics

WPC 2026 will be the mainstay of most poultry scientific disciplines covering all research scopes where poultry scientists, industries, stakeholders, academia, and students of all career stages come together to share ideas, knowledge, and network.

Below are topics the Scientific Program Committee will be seeking abstract submissions for.

  1. Reproduction & breeders

  2. Incubation technology and physiology/chick quality/early management of broilers, poults, and pullets 

  3. Meat processing, technology, quality, and food safety

  4. Egg science, quality, and processing

  5. Environmental impact of poultry production and housing Systems

  6. Bone health and quality

  7. Welfare and Behavior

  8. Nutrition

    1. Amino acids and protein

    2. Enzymes

    3. Vitamins & minerals

    4. Feed additives

  9. Genetics, Genomics & Epigenomics

  10. Physiology

  11. Gut microbiome and health

  12. General health/disease/One health

  13. Sustainability

  14. Small Scale Family Poultry Farming

  15. Marketing, economy, consumer, ethical practice, sustainability

  16. Waterfowl/Quails/ Ostriches/ Game birds/ Native poultry/Heritage poultry/ Wild birds

  17. Innovation and Technology: current trends & future (feed, processing, hatchery, waste, etc.), robotics, AI, and big data (precision farming/ Smart farming)

  18. Education/ Youth program/Extension

Toronto was officially selected as the location of the 2026 World's Poultry Congress at the 2022 WPC in Paris, France.

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